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Students can view/download IGNOU Study Material on the University’s website for free (www.ignou.ac.in). First, register at http://www.egyankosh.ac.in/registration to view/download IGNOU Study Material.

IGNOU University sends printed study materials to IGNOU students when they enrol in the university, and the cost is included in the entrance fee.

IGNOU Study notes are highly popular among IAS applicants because of its substance, quality, validity, affordability, and excellent depth of knowledge. It may be highly beneficial in IAS optional courses such as (History, Sociology, and so on), and if read strategically, it will undoubtedly improve your understanding.

It can range from 15 to 55 days, and in rare circumstances, it may be longer.

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) offers diplomas, undergraduate, postgraduate diplomas, and postgraduate remote learning courses to its students. IGNOU has over 4 million students registered and is the country’s biggest distance learning open University.

E-Gyankosh is a national repository for digital learning resources created by the country’s Open and Distance Learning Institutions.

We can’t dispute that passing the IGNOU test is a little difficult, but it’s not impossible. Because IGNOU conducts a stringent evaluation, many students wonder if passing this examination will be difficult.
Yes. IGNOU has its own placement cell known as the CPC. At the head office and its regional centres, the cell performs on-campus and off-campus placement and employability improvement programmes.
Yes. The Campus Placement Cell (CPC), IGNOU was established in 2005 at the IGNOU headquarters to serve as a nodal centre for all placement-related activities in order to facilitate the process of gainful employment for the university’s diverse and dispersed learner population available across the country.
If a candidate want to pass the IGNOU Assignments, he or she must obtain 40 points out of a possible 100. The necessary marks would be the same for all IGNOU academic programmes. If a candidate fails to obtain the required minimum marks in an IGNOU assignment, they must resubmit the assignment to IGNOU.
Every year, IGNOU uploads assignments on the website https://webservices.ignou.ac.in/assignments/. Work for one session assignments is submitted for both the JULY and JANUARY admission sessions. JULY SESSION means that your course began in July. JANUARY SESSION denotes that your course began in January.
If you have not submitted IGNOU assignments or missed examinations for a course/s for which you were registered in any prior semester, you may do so in any future semester as long as you complete the programme within the maximum period allowed.

You will only receive physical copies of IGNOU Study Materials if you requested them at the time of registration. In the event of a delay in receiving IGNOU Study Materials, please email [email protected].

The university announces IGNOU Assignment submission dates for all programmes on the IGNOU website. Check the website for updates on a regular basis: http://www.ignou.ac.in/

  1. Submit IGNOU Solved Assignments to your Study Centre/Regional Centre in accordance with the Regional Centre’s guidelines. On IGNOU Solved Assignments, provide your contact information (programme code, course code, enrollment number, email, phone).
  2. If your Regional Centre specifies that only hard copies will be accepted, send handwritten, signed assignments to the address specified. Soft copies must be signed and scanned if they are allowed during exceptional circumstances such as Covid 19. If you choose SOGDS as your RC, send your assignments to [email protected].
  3. For each course, IGNOU assignments must be submitted as a single document. Do not submit separate pages or mix homework from two courses in a single document.

Handwritten and signed assignments are required. They are incapable of being typed.

If you miss the deadline/last date for submitting your IGNOU assignment, you may still be allowed to submit it late. This, however, may result in a late charge for the associated Term End Exam. If you turn in your work but miss a test, you can retake it in any future semester.

If you have not submitted assignments or missed examinations for a course/s for which you were registered in any prior semester, you may do so in any future semester as long as you complete the programme within the maximum period allowed. However, you must attempt new assignments for the current semester rather than previous ones.

No, once an IGNOU assignment for a course has been received and reviewed, it does not need to be resubmitted, even if you did not take the test at the end of the semester. Your IGNOU assignment grades will be retained.

IGNOU Exam fees are payable online at the IGNOU website.

You may select your own topic from the list of suggested themes supplied in the IGNOU Project Handbook/Guidelines, or you may select any specific issue relevant to the curriculum you have studied. You may also suggest any current events issue connected to gender. Whatever topic you select, make sure you can connect it to the curriculum in some manner.

No, supervisors are assigned by the school’s professors based on their areas of competence. You can begin your IGNOU Project after a supervisor has been assigned and your IGNOU Proposal has been accepted.

Your IGNOU internship report should contain the organization’s profile, your activities during the internship, and your learning from field work, particularly in light of theory that you studied in your course material.

IGNOU repeat previous year’s exam papers. If you want to get high grades, you need at least examine the previous four years’ question papers. All previous years solved question papers are available for download here.

IGNOU Project work lies at the heart of all IGNOU Courses. Keep in mind that your IGNOU project should cover all of the key topics connected to your topic, but you do not have to make the explanation of a specific issue so long that the examiner loses interest in your writing and assigns you a low grade.

IGNOU project proposal can be sent to the concerned Regional Centre via www.ignou.ac.in > Regional Network > Regional Centre’s (E-mail ID of all RC’s are accessible at http://www.ignou.ac.in/ignou/aboutignou/regional/website) for approval of the IGNOU Synopsis.

Students can submit their IGNOU project reports online, according to the most recent IGNOU project guidelines. After the IGNOU Synopsis has been approved, the institution has established a connection on its official website where students can post their final IGNOU project reports.

The learners should ensure that, when submitting the IGNOU project via online mode, the Proposal Proforma, as well as the “Synopsis” and Bio-data of the project guide, are duly approved in original, and that the originality certificate is signed by both the Student and the Project Guide with the date to be incorporated.

With these two things, one can simply compute a student’s total marks in a specific topic. Total points = 49 points + 15 points = 64 points. To get the percentage, the student must divide the total number of marks by 1200 and multiply by 100.

To pass the IGNOU Exams, you just need to get 40%, or 40 points out of a possible 100. As a result, you must score at least 40 points on the TEE theory. In addition, for the assignment examinations, you must obtain a score of 50%, which equates to 50 points out of a possible 100.

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) students can write their assignments on any blank paper. However, the institution has directed students to follow additional guidelines while completing IGNOU assignments. “Any plain paper will suffice.”

The first page of an IGNOU assignment provides extremely general information about the student, the instructor’s name, the student’s number, the name of the course in which the assignment is a part, the date of submission, the due date, and the name of the assignment.

Step 1: Go to IGNOU’s official website (ignou.ac.in).

Step 2: Navigate to the ‘student support’ area and choose the ‘results’ tab.

Step 3: On the left-hand side of the website, candidates must pick the ‘grade card’ option.

Step 4: On the screen, the IGNOU grade card window will display.

It is a performance or score card that indicates a grade for all of your work, including theoretical exams, assignments, practicals, and project work.

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