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An Introduction on IGNOU BPSC-110 Course

What exactly do we mean when we talk about global politics? According to the Course Content, there are issues and processes, forces and actors, institutions and mechanisms that operate at the global level, and the outcomes of these operations influence policy-making in nation-states and shape the lives of communities at the local level. Global governance and the management of these issues necessitate global political action.

The first and most important question to ask is, “What is globalisation?” There is no agreed-upon definition; additionally, the phenomenon is multidimensional and its operation is complex. Some may even argue that globalisation is a process or a set of practises rather than a concept or theory. Regardless, the general consensus is that we are living in the “age of globalisation.” As a result, some of the most notable aspects of globalisation must be identified. First and foremost, nearly all scholars writing on the economic dimension of globalisation emphasise the aspect of integration and intensification in global flows of capital, technology, and goods, as well as production processes, including distribution and consumption of goods and services.

Second, they discuss interconnectedness. Modern technologies, particularly information technology and the revolution in communications and transportation, have enabled close interconnectedness at the economic, cultural, and intellectual, as well as political and security levels. Third, time and space are compressed in such a way that events in one part of the world have immediate effects on distant locations. Globalisation refers to the expanding scale, increasing magnitude, accelerating and deepening impact of interregional flows and social interaction patterns. Nobody is immune to the reach and effects of globalisation. As communities become more interconnected, global social interaction has increased; events in distant places have immediate and profound local consequences. Fourth, globalisation is a historical material power structure. It symbolises historical change in the global economy, politics, and culture.

What motivates globalisation? There are several explanations: global capital and multinational corporations; multilateral financial institutions and international private banks; advanced-country governments led by the United States through forums such as the G-7; and, most importantly, modern technology. Consider the role of technology as a driver of globalisation. Technology, in its broadest sense, can be defined as the socialised knowledge of producing goods and services. Most globalisation processes are seen as being facilitated and driven by technological advancements. These days, we’re also talking about a new era of ‘digital globalisation.’ Digital technologies have paved the way for global networks to emerge. Global networks are networks in which all information and knowledge (as well as ideology) required for the realisation, maintenance, and reproduction of the system, which is essentially the capitalist system, flourish as reality. The term ‘digital economy’ or ‘new economy’ best describes how all of this information, knowledge, and ideology are intertwined with capitalism. To put it another way, modern technology has reinforced and strengthened global capitalism. The Internet, and particularly e-commerce, are terms that are commonly used to justify the recent approach of technoglobalism.

How to Download IGNOU BPSC-110 Study Material/Book?

IGNOU University sends printed study materials to IGNOU students when they enrol in the university, and the cost is included in the entrance fee. However, it may take some time to send your books to your home, and delivery to student addresses is occasionally delayed, which might interfere with your studies. We have identified a solution to this problem and have begun uploading the digital book of BPSC-110 to the IGNOUStudyMaterial site.

Our mission is to supply and promote digital study resources to IGNOU students so they do not have to rely on printed or hard books. IGNOU E-Books will allow you to prepare for your test from anywhere and at any time, including while travelling. If a student prefers to use online books rather than printed materials from IGNOU, he or she can request a soft copy of the study materials.

You will not be charged any fees here, and you may download any book as many times as you like. All of the study resources in this section are in PDF format. IGNOU Online Books enable students to read eBooks at any time and from any location. You do not need to carry actual books with you while you are on the go or travelling. You may read content from our website whenever and wherever you choose.

All resources are provided free of charge. Our goal is to give all course materials to our applicants so that they may learn online and finish their studies in a fresh and modern method. It will help you prepare for your exams and achieve high scores and marks.

List of Available IGNOU BPSC-110 Study Materials:

BPSC-110 Global PoliticsClick to
IGNOU BPSC 110 Study Material (Egyankosh)Download
IGNOU BPSC 110 Help Book/Guide BookDownload
IGNOU BPSC 110 Solved AssignmentDownload
IGNOU BPSC 110 Solved Guess PaperDownload
IGNOU BPSC 110 Previous Year Solved Question PapersDownload

Benefits of our IGNOU BPSC-110 Study Materials for Exams Preparation

Our BPSC-110 Guide Books help students broaden their understanding to a greater extent. IGNOU BA Honours Political Science Study Material has flaws and is produced purely on the basis of the curriculum. There is nothing wrong with it, but depending solely on syllabus-based textbooks will not give you with an answer or a deeper knowledge of issues. To get the most out of your learning experience, you should have a reference book, such as an IGNOU BPSC-110 Book, that does not put a stop to your progress.

IGNOU BA Honours Political Science Books go into each concept in depth. It might help you extend your experience and go deeper into definitions and comprehension. IGNOU BAPSH Guide Books frequently include a significant number of problems on a single topic, allowing you to master a huge number of problems in preparation for the IGNOU BAPSH examinations.

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