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An Introduction on IGNOU BSHF-101 Course

Foundation Course In Humanities and Social Science is the course’s introductory unit, which aims to familiarise students with some tips on how to study a society. As a result, this is an exercise in methodology for studying and comprehending social reality. The path taken for this exercise consists in asking appropriate questions and responding to them in the spirit of ‘calling a spade a spade and not by any other name.’ The importance of healthy and constructive criticism has been emphasised because it is the only way to conduct an accurate study of society. There has been great care taken to present these methodological questions with numerous illustrations, analogies, and examples drawn from our daily routines and current events.

Society is a simple word with a well-known meaning. Thus, society is both simple and complex; Indian, American, Chinese, and so on; agricultural, industrial, and so on. In the nineteenth century, the study of society took on definitive meaning and shape as a discipline. Previously, we had philosophers debating the nature of society or travellers writing about societies they visited.

When we look at the history of the meanings of ‘Society,’ we see new emphases in its meaning emerge, particularly after the Enlightenment period. Some emphasised ‘order,’ others ‘rationality,’ and still others ‘materialism.’ However, a clear distancing from a jelly-like and disorderly existence of humanity has been discovered to be a common theme in all of these meanings that have given central importance to values and human co-existence over time. Many famous thinkers insisted on using different expressions for Society, which was later found to be insufficient. Marxists use the term “social formation” to refer to three types of relationships: economic, ideological, and political. Individuals: At the All-Discipline Study Center Thus, society is a complex area that has been simplified over time with the emergence of disciplines such as History, Political Science, Sociology, and others centred on specific aspects of social reality. However, human beings were at the centre of all of these social sciences. They each have their own academic personality, but they are all driven by a central dynamic that holds human society together. Social scientists are constantly engaged in renewing hope for humanity in order to facilitate these intellectual pursuits. Knowledge, according to our Upanishads, should enable the learner to move from darkness to light. However, knowledge/education may not always assist people in moving forward. It is also possible that such knowledge is generated and spread, reverting people to a time of superstitions and religious fears.

How to Download IGNOU BSHF-101 Study Material/Book?

IGNOU University sends printed study materials to IGNOU students when they enrol in the university, and the cost is included in the entrance fee. However, it may take some time to send your books to your home, and delivery to student addresses is occasionally delayed, which might interfere with your studies. We have identified a solution to this problem and have begun uploading the digital book of BSHF-101 to the IGNOUStudyMaterial site.

Our mission is to supply and promote digital study resources to IGNOU students so they do not have to rely on printed or hard books. IGNOU E-Books will allow you to prepare for your test from anywhere and at any time, including while travelling. If a student prefers to use online books rather than printed materials from IGNOU, he or she can request a soft copy of the study materials.

You will not be charged any fees here, and you may download any book as many times as you like. All of the study resources in this section are in PDF format. IGNOU Online Books enable students to read eBooks at any time and from any location. You do not need to carry actual books with you while you are on the go or travelling. You may read content from our website whenever and wherever you choose.

All resources are provided free of charge. Our goal is to give all course materials to our applicants so that they may learn online and finish their studies in a fresh and modern method. It will help you prepare for your exams and achieve high scores and marks.

List of Available IGNOU BSHF 101 Study Materials:

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IGNOU BSHF 101 Solved Guess PaperDownload
IGNOU BSHF 101 Previous Year Solved Question PapersDownload

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IGNOU BA Tourism Studies Books go into each concept in depth. It might help you extend your experience and go deeper into definitions and comprehension. IGNOU BTS Guide Books frequently include a significant number of problems on a single topic, allowing you to master a huge number of problems in preparation for the IGNOU BTS examinations.

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